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Company (First) is the first and leading in Egypt in the design, construction and development, operation and maintenance of fountains musical (dancer) have sufficient experience in the control technology Alklromekaneky more than 12 years The company manufactures parts of the best raw steel Alastals 3.4 Non-Negotiable rust and pure copper smokeless rust to give better efficiency and longer lifetime for our product and choose the best controllers valves and vents devices kinetic we integrate visual effects to cope with effects Audio to give creativity and vision with attractive lighting with colors and picturesque, the company designs different aspects of the sites Construction including fit various projects for our customers, both within or outside the State

The company assures you of safe operation and routine maintenance and follow-up, development and provision of spare parts and design Fountains Mobile (not installed) and Fountains hanging to fit all customers and public Altjaran

In order to better serve our customers